The Learning Assistance Association of New England (LAANE) was organized in 1983 as a regional affiliate of the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE).
LAANE is a non-profit organization dedicated to the acceptance, advancement, and improvement of developmental education through research and practice.


  • To promote the goals of developmental education, in conjunction with NADE
  • To act as a forum to exchange ideas and information with other educators
  • To provide learning and network opportunities through an annual fall conference and LAANE regional workshops scheduled throughout the year
  • To provide professional development


  • The LAANE newsletter published three times a year (winter, spring, and fall)
  • Annual fall conference in New England
  • Local and regional workshops
  • Board or committee involvement
  • Recognition awards for educators, administrators, students, and politicians who advocate for developmental education
  • Networking with other educators at the state regional, national, and international level


Leadership Positions on LAANE Executive Board

Nominations are now being accepted for the following leadership positions.  Self-nominations welcome. Nomination deadline is October 1, 2017. Send nominee’s name and contact information (Institution, title, business phone, email)  to Sharon Cronin, LAANE Vice President at:  scronin@ccsnh.edu

President (Two year term beginning November 2018)

The President shall act as chair and officer of the Executive Council and shall act as presiding officer at each meeting of the membership of the Association and at each meeting of the Executive Council. In addition, the President shall:

1. Coordinate the activities of Executive Council members

2. Recommend to the Executive Council persons for chair standing and special committees

3. Provide the chairs of standing and special committees with a description of their duties and provide the Policies and Procedures Manual to newly elected officers as well as the LAANE Awards criteria and Newsletter Calendar

4. Provide listing from NADE Chapter Resource Handbook of current NADE officers, key chairs, and NADE chapter officers to LAANE Executive Council

5. Coordinate the activities of standing and special committees

6. Engage in liaison activities with other associations, institutions, or legislative bodies as necessary to promote the goals and objectives of the Association

7. Coordinate an annual recruitment drive for building and maintaining the Association membership in cooperation with Membership Chair

8. Report on the status of the Association at the annual Association conference

9. Prepare article on NADE Conference for Association spring newsletter; submit to Managing Editor within two weeks following the NADE Conference


Treasurer/Membership Coordinator  (Two year term beginning November 2018)

The Treasurer/Membership Coordinator shall be responsible for all the financial transactions of the Association. In this capacity, the Treasurer/Membership Coordinator shall:

1. Receive and record the receipts of dues and other income as well as expenditures approved by the Executive Council

2. Assume responsibility for all activities related to the tax-exempt status of the Association

3. Write and sign all checks for allowable expenditures

4. Make a financial report at each general and special meeting of the membership and of the Executive Council

5. Serve as Membership Committee Coordinator ensuring the smooth and timely organization of all membership activities (see By-Laws, Article VI)

6. Supervise, finalize financial transactions of the Association annual conference, and serve as Conference Registration Chair (see By-Laws, Article VI)




Crystal Bickford
Associate Professor of English
Southern New Hampshire University
Manchester, New Hampshire

Vice President and Conference Coordinator
Sharon Cronin
Director, Center for Academic Planning and Support
Great Bay Community College
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Treasurer/Membership Coordinator
&Website Administrator
David Lindenberg
Coordinator, Learning Differences Support Program
Southern Vermont College
Bennington, Vermont

Newsletter Editor
Diana Lerman
Academic Coach
Regis College
Weston, Massachusetts

Leslie Van Wagner
Director, Writing & Resource Center and Peer Mentoring Program
Rivier University
Nashua, New Hampshire

Annual Conference Proposal Coordinator
Norman Beebe
Co-coordinator, Peer Tutoring Program
Greenfield Community College
Greenfield, Massachusetts



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